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It’s been a while since I have written. Over the last several months I have begun to write blogs, but have not been able to complete a thought! Transition is difficult. It reminds me a bit of the first time one moves from the kid’s table to the adult table during at holiday. Remember being excited to be at the table with all the grown-up’s but yet not knowing or understand all the rules at the table or even how to contribute to the conversation. My move from Florida to Illinois feels very much like that transition I made years ago from Grandma’s card table to the dining room table with the best silver.

The biggest difference in this analogy is when I moved from that card table to the dining table is knowing the people around the table. At my new table, I know no one and no body knows me and I feel lonely, a first in 15 years. So, although I know that I belong at the table, after all, the Heavenly Father placed me at the table, I am still trying to find my place and my voice.

My hope is that, I will begin to share some of the lessons God is showing me during this time…. I am just grateful, for a God who walks through life with us and knows what is on the other side of the transition.


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This post is a bit more personal then most of the blogs I write. For the most part, I write about my friends that have disability. I write about faith, disability and the church or I write about policy concerns in the area of disability.

On October 1st, I was told my position in the church, I have attended on and off for the last 15 years, and have worked in for the last five years is being eliminated. The church is moving toward a more congregational-led based model. So, I am in the process of “transitioning” out of my current role. In the work place transition for the most part does not have a negative connotation. For those of us who spend, time with school aged students with disabilities transitions seem to be apart of the conversation. There is always a transition and always a plan for the next classroom, the next school and life beyond formal education. The planning never ends.

The last six weeks, I have thought through my transition and what life will be like beyond my current position and what does God want to do with the rest of my life. Taking the time to hear from God, and moving in the direction of the Holy Spirit is leading sometimes is slower than I personally would like, but, in this time of planning and praying, if the process moved any quicker, I would miss the many lessons my Heavenly Father wants to teach me.

Over the last decade, one thing has become clear; God has given me a unique voice regarding disability and the church. I believe God wants the local church to embrace, people with disabilities, in the same manner he wants the local church to embrace the family with two parents, 2.6 kids, a dog and a mortgage. I will continue to be that voice, as I transition from one table to another table.

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