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Most of my adult life I have been an advocate for disability concerns. As someone who works in ministry, I no longer wavier from the call on my life, but rather, spending time thanking God he pursued me, when I truly wanted to elude the call and Him. In my lifetime, I have advocated for fair treatment of those living with disability, found affordable assessable housing and recently have advocated for full participation in the life of the church. I know God desires all of us have access to the banquet table in heaven.

This week my heart has been heavy for another group of people, the prodigals or those who once followed hard after God but have now decided to take another path. It is easy to become the self-righteous older brother in the story of the prodigal son in the book of Luke, and forget the God who desires to redeem all and restore us back into fellowship loves us. We need to be advocates with Jesus for these prodigals who need to make the table complete.

I am praying that they know there is room at the banquet table and they would find their way back to the table. For those of us who are already comfortable and sitting at the table, we need to pray and pursue the prodigals for they too are welcome to come and join us.


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