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In the process of reading background material for my dissertation I have accumulated weird information. This weekend, I was reading about the history of disability, focusing on the North American’s view of disability. Over the course of history people with disability have not been viewed in the most positive light, people with intellectual disabilities, were idiots, fools, cursed by God and often shunned. Most of us are aware of this information.

To my surprise, long before the European’s graced the North American continent Native American’s saw people with disability in a different light. Many tribes saw a person with limitations, yet found jobs within the tribe to match those person’s abilities. A person with an intellectual disability may have become the best water hauler the tribe had. Every person within the tribe community was celebrated because of the gifts the gods had given them.

The apostle Paul in the New Testament of the Bible reminds us we are all part of one body, and each part of the body has a distinct purpose. The body of Christ is not whole until all are apart of the body. This includes people with disabilities. Are we looking at how a person with a disability can enhance your faith community?


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Going into this Christmas season, I was tired and spent and wondered if I had anything to give to anyone. But, God always has a different plan and for that I am truly thankful as we begin the New Year.

As a family, we wanted to change things up a bit, so, we actually carried through with what we had talked about for years, and we adopted a family to do Christmas. My church always knows people in need, so, I knew, finding someone to help was going to be easy, so easy, I thought I would put some criteria, the biggest, NO DISABILITY! After all, I live with disability, and work with disability; it would be ok to maybe segment my life right? One more time God chose to remind me, my whole life belongs to him, and what I do for ministry is not separate, but rather serving is life with the Father.

So, a family was assigned, and yes there was a child with disability. But this was not about what I could give to the family professionally, but rather what we could do as a family collectively. A washer and dryer to make life easier for a mom and dad, who just have had a bad year or ramp for a child who does deserve to move around his whole house, including coming and going out of his home. Practical ways, our whole family could serve, but needs I could not fix!

Still spent, God continued to remind me, we all have gifts, sometimes it is the gift of presence, and wiping a tear from a mom’s eye after a child tragically passed away. I thought I had no gift to bring……….

Today, I am praying for all of my friends, I pray they would no their gifts are needed here at the table!

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