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A tribute

Today I am mourning.  I am mourning the loss of a man who changed my life for ever.   I have not seen this man for 8 years, but for the 10 years prior Bobby was a part of my life!

I met Bobby when he was 40.  “Me, Bob Locke”, was the way he introduced himself, he captured my heart and because of him I am a better person.  Bobby was 40 and moving into his first apartment.  He had spent several years prior in institions and group homes.  The day I met him he was just doing “trial visits” to his new apartment at Greenwood.  He seemed so hard to understand, but Bob was patiented and worked hard to share his story.  He used gestures to speak, making signs for work and his place of work.  He worked at a Red Lobster, a restaurant I still frequent and think of Bobby and his love for life, his friends and his family.  Bob loved something more then life!  Bob reminded us often, “I am not a boy, and I am a man.”

Bob was one of the few people who ever put me to shame.  An angry woman, who was as far away from God as anyone.  Bobby loved God, church and praise music!  He would sing old hymns with his room mates and study scripture.   I did not believe Jesus existed or there was a God who wanted a personal relationship.  Bobby’s faith was real and he wanted me to have a real faith and so he prayed for me and dragged me off to church.  One of those Sunday’s I realized Jesus was real and he wanted a personal relationship with me.  I think Bobby was a tremendous minister, yet, I am sure not many people saw him in that light.

Bobby taught me about Joy, he taught me what it was to dream dreams and achieve them!  I live the life of joy and vision because of Bob Locke.

I am so grateful for the gift of Bobby!  Thank you Jesus.


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“And the slave came back and reported this to his master. Then the head of the household became angry and said to his slave, ‘Go out at once into the streets and lanes of the city and bring in here the poor and crippled and blind and lame.” Luke 14:21  

For those of us who live disability this is a familiar passage!  We are aware the Master wants us to be at the party and in that; there is comfort that in heaven we will all be included when we arrive in heaven.  This morning as I think through the verse I am struck by three thoughts.  First, it was a natural thing for the slave to invite, the lame, the deaf, the blind; the master had to instruct the slave to invite those who so often are not included.  The master’s heart had to be made known!  Second, the master was angry.  Yes, the master was compassionate toward the slave and did share his heart for those he wants at the table.  I long for the day when it is our first nature to invite all people to the table!  Thirdly, in a culture where we are to “go out” this passage reminds us we are called to bring them in! 

The challenge becomes how do we do we bring them to the table?   What are you doing to bring people with disability to the Table?

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The Table


Welcome to The Table.  Let me just put it out there, I’m a product of the “system”, growing up in foster care, a woman, a person with a disability, and finally, the thing that defines me a child of King Jesus! 

Over the years, tables have become important in my life.  We take tables for granted; thinking tables are a comfortable place for all people.  This is not the case for many.  As a child, I struggled to chew food, I gagged and choked as I tried to swallow food grossing many out and watching my peers run in the opposite direction.  Coming to the table was awkward, since I never knew if this would be the time I would spill a full glass or watch my meat fly across the room as I cut it into small bite size pieces. 

For many the table is where people get to know one another, make business deals, argue, pray, share meals, play games and do so much more!  Imagine being so uncomfortable, you cannot participate.   As the child of the King today, I sit with honor at His table.  This is a great place to be.  What keeps you from coming to the table?  What keeps you from inviting others to the table?

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