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I have been thinking about writing a personal book for a long time!   I know the journey I have had the privilege to walk with the Father has been amazing and over the years, I have been changed and influenced by the people who God has placed at my lives table.  This morning I started to make a list of people who have influenced me both positively and negatively to the point of changing the way I look at and live my life.   The first list:  biological mom, foster mom, grandparents,  Mr. Fischer (a high school history and English teacher), Orlando Rivera, Pastor Hunter,  Nancy Campbell and Diana Oxford nothing to earth shattering!  If you knew each of these people and how they have poured into me personally or through the ministry God has given them it makes perfect sense.

My second list:  Kathy (Katie) Scram,  Jody Scott,  Milo Harter, Arthur Lee Austin, Beverly Jones, Bobby Locke, Stacy Thomas, Bob Stout and Steve Scott, and Kathy Stank.  An unusual list if you knew these people.  Each of them have given me gifts such as laughter, courage, faith, endurance, freedom,  problem solving,  compassion, leadership, and a respect for how God creates each of us to be unique and to have great purpose.  These people most would have cast out long ago; frankly, many have been cast aside living in homes with little or no contact with family or friends and little control over their lives.  All of them living with some type of disabilities and not expected to influence (lead) others.  I know this first hand, because they have influenced how I view my table and who should be invited to sit and eat at my table.


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