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Individual Support Plan, Person centered planning, Rights for people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities! Sometimes my head swirls with all of the terminology- after all it is important to ensure we are political correct, right? Even though these terms are familiar and I believe in these concepts, I have a stronger belief we as society are missing the bigger picture.
Ten years ago, my dear brother in Christ, Jim Hukill, challenged me on a long held belief. Like any strong advocate, I believed and strongly promoted “person-centered” planning for persons living with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. Jim, asked, “How does this line up with your walk with Christ?” After all person centered planning is about self, and living as a follower of Christ demands, I am not the center of things, but, rather, the Christ is smack dab in the middle! This was a concept John the Baptist understood, and even shared with his follower’s “I must decrease, so the He may increase.” I have made that shift in my thinking and can still do great person centered planning when called to do so, but my preference is to help someone plan their life with Christ in the center….Your will be done not thy will! I know not everyone is a follower of Christ, but for those who are, is it not the responsibility of Christian community to help an individual needing support to begin advocating for a Christ centered approach to life. If so, what does this look like in a world that now takes more time to destroy Christian thinking?


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