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Going into this Christmas season, I was tired and spent and wondered if I had anything to give to anyone. But, God always has a different plan and for that I am truly thankful as we begin the New Year.

As a family, we wanted to change things up a bit, so, we actually carried through with what we had talked about for years, and we adopted a family to do Christmas. My church always knows people in need, so, I knew, finding someone to help was going to be easy, so easy, I thought I would put some criteria, the biggest, NO DISABILITY! After all, I live with disability, and work with disability; it would be ok to maybe segment my life right? One more time God chose to remind me, my whole life belongs to him, and what I do for ministry is not separate, but rather serving is life with the Father.

So, a family was assigned, and yes there was a child with disability. But this was not about what I could give to the family professionally, but rather what we could do as a family collectively. A washer and dryer to make life easier for a mom and dad, who just have had a bad year or ramp for a child who does deserve to move around his whole house, including coming and going out of his home. Practical ways, our whole family could serve, but needs I could not fix!

Still spent, God continued to remind me, we all have gifts, sometimes it is the gift of presence, and wiping a tear from a mom’s eye after a child tragically passed away. I thought I had no gift to bring……….

Today, I am praying for all of my friends, I pray they would no their gifts are needed here at the table!


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