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Beating the Odds

I woke up with a sense of gratitude! Not because it is that time of year to think about all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for; but because I have a God who has a plan for my life and had a plan for my life when others, like my biological mom had given up on my life. There were many times as a small child she had wished me dead and reminded me I was hopeless and helpless. But God had a different plan; at the age of 12 I was put into the foster care system and at age 14 I met a woman who has since that time always believed in me and since that time there have been a multitude of people who have cared for and mentored me…..the one thing all of my best mentors had is a relationship with Jesus. Below are some staggering stats for young adults who age out of the foster care system. For the most part I have beaten the odds—or was it just part of God’s plan. Today I am thinking about those teens who will soon be adults.

60% become parents within 3 years
81% have been arrested or incarcerated
50% do not have a HS diploma or GED
62% are unemployed
50% use illegal drugs and/or alcohol
33% are homeless
90% are let down by the system
38% have some type of mental illness


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