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An advocate


In the disabled community, people are always advocating for something, better care, more funding, housing, jobs, quality of life and the list goes on and on!  I grow weary when I think of all the things this community needs, acceptance, freedom, love, places to get incredible education,  people who will hire us in spite of………, an understanding of what it is to be fully included in all of life, including where people worship.  

I have struggled for years with finding balance regarding advocacy.  I want people to be aware of the myriad of needs my community has, I want to educate, I want to push for better everything, but yet, I do not want to be that over the top militant person fighting for every inch in this community.   I want to be whom God created me to be, a gal with a love for the people God has placed in my life, helping them to get to the next station in life. 

I am an advocate, today, I am aware of a friend who is a bigger advocate for all people, as I write, as you read this Jesus is advocating for you and me in heaven.  What a relief there is an advocate who goes before you and me and to know he has our best interests in mind!


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